Eco-friendly waste bin

A trash can is not everyone’s friend! He is often sticky and dirty, also the bags never fit. At the end the organic waste needs in a plastic bag because the paper bag is soaked …

ru•bin are garbage bags that do not need a bucket, because they are `self-standing` . They are made from recycled paper and simply pressed into shape . They are waterproof, because they are coated with polyethylene in the inside, which is ground water neutral and compostable. From now on our garbage bin is disposed in an environmentally friendly way without producing new waste.
The bags are interleaved like muffin cases and when the top one is full, it is easy to grap and close it with the side plate. The handle makes it easy to carry it around and bring it far far away…

The bags come in large packages and include colored buckets. So you can decide yourself, how many of the elements you want to use for the organic, plastic or normal garbage and change retrospectively. The colored buckets help with the waste separation, when they are put outside. But those who preferred a consistent look and can get it as well.

With ru•bin there are no more buckets to scrub and the environment is not polluted by more waste, since it is itself produced from waste.

Now it is time to like your waste bin!

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