Burned the hand at the harness again because it was too hot !
These dishes are designed to prevent just that.

The bowls change their color when they are warm and signal very subtle that the food is hot. The family consists of 6 plates and a mug for every occasion. Pizza, salad or soup: you find the right size. When the shells are cold and empty they are colored and as soon as the food is inside , the colors fade, to give all the attention to the food. Through this change the user is sensitively given a hint, that the dishes are hot.
The peculiarity of the cup is that it has filled grooves and so can be touched as well , even at very high temperatures. The material is even to the surface and expands due to heat . By the color change and greater volume the grooves become visible only when the cup is warm.
Now no one has to burn the fingers at the food anymore and can enjoy it even more …

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